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Proper Care of Furled Leaders:
  • Simply add your favorite floatant such as Loon Outdoors Floatant or Mucilin and you are ready to fish. 

  • If fishing very stained / spring runoff water, simply clean leaders using dish soap and warm water.
Many Fly Fishers pay top dollar for their rods /reels, fishing line and even flies, yet pay minimum money for their leaders.  The leader above all other gear is what actually effects how your fly will be presented.  Typical Monofilament tapered leaders are to stiff and have tendency to slap the fly onto the water instead of dropping it lightly as a natural would land.   Furled Nylon leaders are better than tapered mono, but for the best dry fly fishing, one cannot beat the presentation of a Thread Furled Leader
Also, during a long day of fishing, with multiple fly changes, how many times have you found yourself with a short tapered fly fishing leader?  You find yourself adding tippet to the shortened butt end, but your casting is simply not what it should/could be as your leader has been altered.  My furled leaders will last an entire season or more if treated properly.   Whether you choose the shorb loop tippet end, the tippet ring or the monofilament perfection loop, you will always have a leader end to add more tippet to. 
No, the furled fly fishing leader will not spook fish.  Many people ask me about this.    Most people fish a store bought 7'-6"-9'-0 long leader.    These leaders are attached to brightly colored fly-lines.  Many people will then add tippet to the end of their leader.  Remember that most of these mono / nylon leaders will slap the fly onto the water instead of laying it down gently.   If you use one of my leaders, you can use 4'-0" - 9'-0" of tippet between the colored leader and the fly.  The difference with my system is that your fly will be presented in such a way that your never before experienced.  I have had more than a few customers call or email with stories of fish actually coming out of the water to take the fly before it landed.  "How often does that happen to you with your current set-up".  
How to use:
Attach looped  "butt" end of fly fishing Leader to your fly line loop with a standard loop to loop connection.    If using  a leader with a "Tippet Ring", Tie on a length of tippet (4'-0" to 6'-0") works the best.  Use a standard Clinch Knot,
attach your fly and catch fish.  If using a leader with a "shorb loop", tie a perfection loop to the end of your tippet and again use the loop to loop connection.
Why Purchase from CutThroat Leaders:
-     I throw away 20% of our furled leaders made, why, because if I would not fish with the leader I constructed, I would  
      never package it and sell it to you.
-    I build the leaders with the appropriate number of thread wraps, not the number of wraps that creates the     
     greatest number of leaders.  I would rather build and sell less great leaders, than build and sell more sub-
     standard ones.  
-    We use Tippet rings that are created for the sole purpose of fly-fishing.  Others use sterling silver.  Sterling 
     Silver is for jewelry, not for catching fish…..
-     I personally make and package every leader I sell.  I do not sub-contract any of my work.
-     I produce Fly Fishing Furled Leaders that will surpass your expectations.  If you are not satisfied, send the     
      leader back to me; I  will refund your money.  
-    I will do my best to accommodate all request's, heavier weight leaders, longer leaders, different materials etc.  
     Please contact me with any and all questions. 
Hand Made Furled Leaders
Fly Line
Tippet / Fly
Furled Leaders constructed using UNI thread are Superior to any other leader material out there, period.
  • Amazing ability to turn over flies
  • Perfect presentations, artificial flies land as naturals, (float down to the surface like a feather)
  • No Over-spray to spook fish
  • Promotes Use of very small tippet (without breaking off)
  • No more Wind Knots........ ever
  • Hand Tied Thread furled leaders are un-matched by any mass produced fly-fishing leader out there.  Each leader is Hand Tied and will not be packaged unless I myself would fish with it.
  • Better Control and accuracy in high wind conditions.
  • One leader can last an entire season..... saves cash